You’re invited: Tuesday 9th February 8pm UK webinar


Turn your speakers up, sit back & take notes then take action


TODAY Tuesday 9th February…

MyAdvertisingPays Live Online Business Opportunity Webinar 8pm UK GMT Start!

Turn your speakers up, sit back & take notes then take action.


Today, the MyAdvertisingPays leadership team is going to be hosting a DAILY webinar presentation.

I want to encourage each and every one of you to give these presentations your FULL SUPPORT, as they will help the business, help your prospects, and ultimately help you.

The presentations are going to be a fantastic way to share knowledge and communicate vital, business critical information, but also to help train and coach people in the fundamentals of the business – such as getting started, building up to 1200 Diamond Level and sharing the message with other people.

So, firstly, invite yourself along to the presentation! And then, invite your teams, members and your prospects.


Please be aware that these presentations will be delivered in English, and so if you have prospects who are native speakers of other languages then please share this with the leadership team so that we can get the right information to them which is consistent with the corporate message.

Phenomenal GROWTH

It seems like no time at all since we were organising our first event back in that Manchester hotel, and look how far we have come. We have had two exceptionally successful years of growth and expansion in that time.

However it is crucial that we don’t get complacent.

When things are going well, it is so easy to sit back and enjoy the comfort and trappings of success, but in mind mind this is precisely the time that we need to pull our socks up and really go to work.

Because remember: this is just the start. 

It is time to knuckle down more than ever and drive MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) into OVERDRIVE!

My advice to you is this:

  • Work like you are poor
  • Inspire others
  • Help others to success
  • Stay focused
  • Remain powerful
  • Be inspired
  • Be ferocious!
  • Be unstoppable


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