Your MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Stories

Your MyAdvertisingPays Stories

Your MyAdvertisingPays Stories

Good afternoon champions!

As I have discussed in a previous post, people are aware that there is a current technical issue with the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Profit Share – and yet this hasn’t stopped MAPPERS across the world remaining positive, focused, committed and ADDICTED!! Now that’s what I have come to know as the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)Mindset.

We know, like and believe in this business and will do what we can to make it work – just look at these inspiring Social Media posts coming from all over the world. When you join MyAdvertisingPays (MAP), you are not only joining a business, you’re joining a family, a tribe, a collective POSITIVE mentality.

I’d like to share some more examples of the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) mentality this week too. In fact, I’ll be sharing your social media posts every day – let’s keep inspiring each other!

Happy reading…

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Your MyAdvertisingPays Stories

Richard’s MAP Testimonial

Please Listen To Richard Mead
Fantastic Input
His Testimony
The Profit Share
 Much More
(First 18 Minutes)
 (Took Place Yesterday)
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Supporting Others

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A Willingness To Keep Learning, Growing And Developing!Inline image 1
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Sharing Knowledge

Matteo Pittaluga’s Inpirational Testimonial

I met Matteo for the first time at the Barcelona event, and as you all know I love Matteo’s enthusiasm and passion. I hope he can inspire you too.

Take A Listen Here If You Missed His Testimonial

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Sharing The Love In Spain

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Your MyAdvertisingPays Stories

Let me take this opportunity to say a huge thank you and express gratitude too of you for keeping the faith, for the incredible leadership for stepping up and steering the ship and to our dedicated Corporate team who make all of this possible.
MAP is for life! 
Your friend and mentor,
Simon Stepsys


COMING UP! t/national-uk-my-advertising-p ays-event-london/

German National MAP Event In Berlin – 16 September 2016

Cyprus National MAP Event – 1-2 October 2016

Bulgaria National MAP Event – 15 October 2016–NATsIONALNA-SREShtA-SOFIYa—15-oktomvri-2016.216

Italian National MAP Event – 19 November 2016

And that’s not all… 

Don’t forget my weekly Millionaire’s Mentoring call, every Sunday at 6pm.

For those that missed the MILLIONAIRES MENTORING call yesterday (12-09-16) here is the recording!


Visit for a full list of events taking place regionally, nationally and internationally.


I look forward to joining you on your journey to success!! See you at the next event… 

“Success is the ability to do what you love every day. This may sound simple but what you love changes over time and having the ability to change what you are doing to match your passion is true success. This has nothing to do with money, wealth or status as each person has different passions and loves.” – David Hauser co-founder of

Want to know the secrets to to Earning Millions Of Dollars with MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)?

You need to order my new book, The MAP Addiction.

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Have the most AWESOME day ever, 

Simon Stepsys 

The MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) MINDSET!

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Your MyAdvertisingPays Stories

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