Why MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) is NOT a Ponzi


Why MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) is NOT a Ponzi

You absolutely have to watch this incredible video by Ken Crause, which explains in detail why MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) is NOT a Ponzi.


NOT A PONZI: MyAdvertisingPays offers an advertising platform that drives quality traffic to your website

Ken has spent time research MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) as a business and has come up with the definitive answer as to what MAP is and what MAP is not.

In this short but powerful video, you can hear his views and conclusions as to whether this business is a Ponzi or not.

But in short he says:

“I have done my due diligence and am satisfied with what I have found” 

It is a MUST WATCH for every MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Member and Affiliate. And I urge you to SHARE it with your teams and prospects too.

Click here, or copy the link below to watch view.


Ken says:

“The hallmark of a Ponzi is that they push you and everyone else to put unlimited amounts of money in, and then try everything to keep your money in there – such as lock ins, so you don’t or can’t withdraw. These are the immediate hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme, and indicate that something fishy is going on.

  • Whereas MyAdvertisingPays (MAP), they limit how many people can join.
  • When you get to 1200 packs, you have to withdraw your profits.

So you don’t need to know anything else, it is not a Ponzi.

Then people say it is a Pyramid

But this means the guys at the top make the money, and Simon is making more than the guy who introduced him. If it were a pyramid scheme this would not be the case.

So then people question whether it is an investment

It is not an investment, because this is where you earn interest or growth depending on stocks going up and down. However you are investing like you do in a Canadian cooperative, whereby the profit share at the end of the year is shared out.

MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) is no different. You have to be a member and they pay you dividends – so people say ‘NOW I GET IT!’

You are participating in the most incredible business and you get paid every 20 minutes rather than having to wait for a year to get dividends.

It is not a Pay Per Click programme either

In MyAdvertisingPays (MAP), you have to look at the 10 Ads, no computer robot can do it.

If you are a cynic like me, you will do a Google search and unfortunately find out information that suggests that MAP is a Ponzi – however MAP is not a Ponzi.

The people who write about MAP are promoting their own programmes. You’ll see Simon Stepsys presented as the owner of the business and that they will insinuate that because I am involved, the business will go belly up.

However everyone who wants to draw money from MAP can draw when they want to.”

So there you have it – straight from the research. MyAdvertisingPays is NOT A PONZI, Pyramid or Pay Per Click scheme.  

The MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) FACTS speak for themselves 

On one level, it saddens me to think that after the last 24 PHENOMENAL months, there are still people out there who think that MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) is not a 100% legitimate and compliant business. And that there is still a need for videos like this to be produced and circulated.

However, on the other hand, I look at the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) FACTS and I know that 240,000 members simply cannot be wrong. The growth we have achieved in such a short space of time, combined with the fact that there are now SEVEN MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) millionaires, is enough to silence any critic.

So, I urge you to share this blog, to watch it, to digest the message and to keep posting the positive stories and testimonials that we are hearing about every day.


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