The Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

The Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

The Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Wondering if there’s a way you can create a stream of income online, without actually doing much?

How would you fancy some more passive income – no skills required?

If the answer to those questions is yes, I have another tool for your money-generating arsenal. It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

Now, you may have heard about Affiliate Marketing before, but you might not know what it is.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing involves promoting other people’s products and earning a piece of the profit when visitors buy the product.

You’ll find a product, promote it to other people – on a blog for example – and then earn commission for each sale. It really is that simple. Wealthy affiliates are living proof that you can go from broke to rich doing this.

The results won’t be immediate. However, with a little bit of consistency you can turn this into passive income.

Here’s how it works in a few simple steps:

  1. You are assigned a “tracking URL”:
    The purpose of these is to identify which affiliate drives the traffic.
  2. You market the company:
    Attract potential customers, try and convince them to click on the link and buy the product. You can use various methods to do this – blog posts on a review blog, a YouTube video of the product, social networking, email etc. As long as you can include a link to the product somewhere, you’re sorted.
  3. Customers are acquired:
    A visitor signs up to the service or purchases the product.
  4. You receive a commission:
    You get paid for driving the customer to the product or service. Easy!

The Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Do I need a website or a blog to become an Affiliate Marketer?

You don’t have to have a website or blog to try out Affiliate Marketing. You can create a YouTube channel and upload videos of yourself reviewing products perhaps – then include your affiliate links in the video description. Alternatively, you might like to create a Pinterest account. There are plenty of formats you can choose from – it all depends on your niche.

I should also mention that collecting email addresses or subscribers makes everything easier – you won’t have to hope that people stumble across your new content.

How can I create passive income from Affiliate Marketing?

Once they’re up, people can click on those affiliate links and when they purchase the service or product, you will receive a commission.

So if you’re at home in your pyjamas one evening doing nothing and someone buys something, you’re earning. You can be on holiday, on the beach and if someone buys something, you’re earning.

Like MAP (MyAdvertisingPays), this strategy can allow you to earn whilst you sleep.

Does becoming an Affiliate Marketer require any skills?

No it doesn’t.

The more you read up on techniques that drive commission, the better you can get. It’s like blog-writing – you’ll get better the more you do it.

As this is a three-part series, in my next two posts I’ll be sharing the techniques you can use to turn this into something really rewarding. Far too many people get a website up-and-running, upload some content, throw a few affiliate links in there and don’t realise that they’re ruining their chances straight away. My next few posts will allow you to get off on the right foot, so you know how wealthy affiliates do it – and don’t do it.

The Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

How much effort does it take?

In the grand scheme of things, Affiliate Marketing requires a little bit of effort to just get your website (or whatever platform you’ll use) up and running. After that, all it really takes is uploading new material to your website when you feel like it.

If you’re passionate about whatever it is you’re producing content on, this won’t feel like any effort at all – you might even enjoy it. Plus, if you’re going to use something like a YouTube channel for product reviews, all it will take is a five-minute video every now and again. Not too hard, huh?

What are Affiliate Networks and how do I join?

Affiliate networks act as an intermediary between affiliate marketers and merchant affiliate programs. Many big brands use affiliate networks.

You don’t have to use these though – there are plenty of other ways you can become an affiliate. Here are the other ways to do it:

  • Go on websites of your favourite brands/companies and look for affiliate information. Or type “[brand/company] affiliate program” into search engines – if they have one it will probably come up.
  • Email a merchant’s website directly and ask if they have an affiliate program.
  • Visit other affiliate websites in your niche (once you’ve decided what that will be) to see which products they’re promoting. Then, look for links to the affiliate program on the merchant website.

If you do decide to go with an affiliate network, be wary that some are bad. Some don’t pay their affiliates on time, and some charge a sign-up fee. If you do want to sign up with an affiliate network, check:

  • Reviews – Are there any negative reviews?
  • Which kinds of links they offer (Text only? Banners?)
  • That the products are decent and up-to-date.
  • That they offer good tech support.
  • That there’s no charge – don’t ever choose one that charges a sign-up fee.

The first steps to getting started

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’re probably considering adding Affiliate Marketer to your resume. So where should you start?

It my next post I’ll be covering this in depth, but for those of you who can’t wait for that, start thinking about these three things:

  • What you’d be happy to produce content on – your niche. What are you passionate about?
  • Which form will it take – a website? A YouTube channel?
  • How much time can you commit to Affiliate Marketing?

In the second post of this three-part series we’ll get you up and running, and on the correct path to creating passive income as an affiliate. I hope you’ve found this introductory guide useful. Let’s make money easily and ethically!



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The Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing


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