The Advert Platform (TAP) Team training site is all updated and LIVE!

The Advert Platform (TAP) Team training site is all updated and LIVE!

TheAdvertPlatform (TAP) Team training site is all updated and LIVE!

TheAdvertPlatform (TAP) Team training site is all updated and LIVE!

Good afternoon SUPERSTARS,

I have been in this industry for OVER 20 years and I can frankly say there has never been anything like TheAdvertPlatform (TAP) OR this community of leaders.

It has simply never existed before.

I’ve put the presentation slides together on this site, however its best to watch the video Webinar Presentation. For the best of BOTH WORLDS I have put all the slides and images here too…

I urge you to study study study!



TheAdvertPlatform (TAP) Team training site is all updated and LIVE!

And here’s the cool part: we all came here for the TRAFFIC & MONEY. Every one of us was attracted here because we wanted to MONEY AND TRAFFIC and create cash on demand….

…. but the biggest value is not even the traffic or the money. The dirty little secret of our company is that this is a LEADERSHIP FACTORY that is disguised as a business opportunity.

So thousands of people will come here thinking that they’re coming for the money/traffic. But what they will get it is far, far more valuable.

So guys please don’t take this for granted. This is not just another income opportunity. This is not just another home business. We are changing lives here.

Very grateful to be here and looking forward to what’s just around the corner.

See you at the very top!

Your Friend & Mentor

Simon Stepsys 

TheAdvertPlatform is a phenomenal business, you get TRAFFIC & MONEY FAST, Great Quality Core UNIQUE & INNOVATIVE Products, Amazing Training by the Best in the Business. And a Great TEAM to help you succeed every step of the way.

Live EVENTS both online & OFFLINE!

My GOAL is to create 1,000+ TheAdvertPlatform (TAP) MILLIONAIRES! 

Please be SURE to Share this TheAdvertPlatform (TAP) Training Site with all your team members. Share this presentation with all your prospects and team members so they understand how powerful & unique this GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY is!

Be SURE to JOIN our TheAdvertPlatform Success Facebook Group for DAILY live updates, trainings, support & help etc. Click the JOIN US ON FACE BOOK BUTTON below and ask to JOIN the group. Be sure to ADD all your team members too!


Take a good look round by following this link:

Remember this: “Faith is DEEPER than hope! Faith is KNOWING something will happen with no proof or evidence of it taking place! KNOWING is HOW you create.”

Last but by no means least! My challenge to you! 

I challenge you to DOUBLE your business and income within 90 days with my new book, The 90 Day Challenge!
Order by visiting

Interested in getting on board with the challenge? Then order a copy of my book here, at It costs just £10 for the paperback, and £15 for the hardback version. A small investment I think you’ll agree, for the rewards that are to follow!

Think about it: if you’re doing nothing to promote your business, how much more momentum you’ll get by just taking three to five daily consistent actions.

Imagine this book in your hands and your teams’ hands… I can assure you, that whatever income level you’re at, your income will AT LEAST double.

Go to to find out more and order your copy NOW!

TheAdvertPlatform (TAP) Team training site is all updated and LIVE!

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