The Advert Platform (TAP) has launched! So, what now?

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The Advert Platform (TAP) has launched! So, what now?

Good afternoon Superstars! 

Today marks an exciting, ground-breaking day for the advertising industry! Why? Because today, Tuesday 3rd January, is the day that The Advert Platform (TAP) launches and takes it’s place in the world.

So what now? I hear you ask…

Well, firstly you need to get yourself over to the new website, by following this link –

If for any reason the Launch Timer still appears then all you need to do is delete your Cookies and Cache, and restart your computer.

Next, you’ll need to log in to the website with your MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) username and password, and read through and agree to the Terms and Conditions. You’ll also need to do the same with the Income Disclosure – again, read and click agree, and YOU’RE IN!

The Advert Platform (TAP) has launched! So, what now?

You’ll notice that the Navigation Bar is on the left hand side of the screen – use this to go to your Dashboard.

The next thing you’ll need to do is add your Facebook/Twitter/Blog and Other website links. To do this, just go to the Traffic Exchange and from there it’s pretty self-explanatory. Remember, you have to take 12 actions in order to receive 100% of the profit share and so this part of the process is VITAL.

But be warned, making money online with The Advert Platform is HIGHLY ADDICTING!! Not only do you get paid to advertise you GET PAID for people PROMOTING YOUR ADS EVERYDAY FOR YOU!!! THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL A GAME CHANGER!!!

Some vital new information that you’ll certainly need to know: 

In case you did not know. 1500 CP in #TAP is the equivalent of 750 CP in MAP 2.0

In other words it’s MUCH easier to hit DIAMOND (1,500 CP) so don’t be put off by the larger numbers!

(You’ll ALL get DIAMOND much faster than before!)

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The Advert Platform (TAP) has launched! So, what now?

So, all you HAPPY TAPPERS, have the most amazing evening ever, and see you on the free webinar this evening at 6pm. For more details on this, click here.

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Remember this: “Faith is DEEPER than hope! Faith is KNOWING something will happen with no proof or evidence of it taking place! KNOWING is HOW you create.”

Last but by no means least! My challenge to you! 

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The Advert Platform (TAP) has launched! So, what now?