What is money?

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What is money?

What is money? 

I teach, train and mentor people on how to make more money, and one of the fundamental parts of this training is to understand the answer to the question, ‘What is money?’

This is because, if you want more of it in your life, you first have to understand what it is, how it works and how it moves. Studying money and what it is, is an essential step in your personal development and journey towards financial freedom.

What is money? is a question that in theory, should be relatively easy to answer. However what tends to happen is that we grow up and get an understanding of what money is from our family, our social conditioning, which then leads us to believe that money is one thing or it is another. When in fact, our conditioning has led us to be narrow minded and ignore the wider truths.

What is money?

Someone brought up in a family where money is scare is going to believe, at a deep core level, that money is scare, hard to come by and possibly, that it ‘doesn’t grow on trees’. Conversely, someone born into an affluent family may grow up with a sense of entitlement and

I’m not saying either of these positions is bad or wrong, just that our experiences with money shape our internal definitions and beliefs. However, if we are prepared to challenge and look beyond our personal definitions and relationships with money, a much bigger picture emerges.

You can read about the history and development of money, as well as a commentary providing a practical description, on the Forbes website. This great article is a starting point for anyone wishing to develop an understanding of money, however I would urge you to go much further than that.

On a spiritual level, money is simply the transfer of energy that takes places between a giver and a receiver. If you are interested in this concept then you can click here to read a previous blog post of mine about Money as the transfer of energy.

What is money?

Many people are attracted to the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) business opportunity for the potential monetary rewards, however as many people are learning, the rewards extend way beyond the financial. By being a part of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP), people are coming to the realisation that money is energy, it is a vehicle by which they can help others, and that the more money they earn, the more people they can help.

And that has to be, for me, the ultimate goal. Once you reach this point in your learning about money, you’ve taken a HUGE evolutionary step.

So, please deepen your understanding of money, immerse yourself in it and learn to love it. Because when you love money, money loves you back.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and good luck with your studies into What is money? I look forward to hearing what you learn.

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What is money?