The history and development of money

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The history and development of money

The history and development of money

Want to make more money? Then you are going to need to learn more about it, and that starts with the history and development of it. Where did money originate from and why?

If you are working for paper, if you are trading your time in hours in exchange for paper, then when you stop working the money stops coming. This arrangement will always keep you poor.

What’s more, the majority of people I know who are in the ‘rat race’ are in debt and they feel like they aren’t going anywhere in life. They may have a job that they consider to be safe on some level, they work a solid 40 hours per week and in the majority of cases their mortgage is paid each month (although sometimes of course it isn’t).

It is possible that they are building resentment, questioning why they have to work so hard. Some even develop a sense of entitlement, thinking they should have or deserve to have more money. But what are they basing their sense of entitlement on? What new or greater value or service are they offering to the world that would warrant more money?

The history and development of money

This blog post is all about money – how it moves and of course, what it is. The truth is that if you want to bring more money into your life, then you are going to need to get to know it.

So let’s take a brief look at how it developed and how it works.

Money has been part of human history for around 3000 years.

In 9000 B.C., bartering was used to buy goods: in particular domestic livestock was one of the earliest forms of barter.

As early as 1200 B.C., coastal regions surrounding the Indian Ocean also saw the use of Cowrie Shells in trade. This is a long throw away from what money means to us now, as these had real value and didn’t need a government to stand behind them. This type of money actually stood for something different than it does in our society.

Other various forms included stones, beads, feathers, fishhooks and animal skins.

In order to establish a standard value in the system, the first known currency – metal coins – were created in 600 B.C. in the country now called Turkey, kingdoms stamped their insignia on coins they minted, which in turn facilitated the flow of trade and established the authority of the state.

In the 1300s, the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan had an idea: to make paper the dominant form of currency. Trade was being discouraged in the empire because China was split into regions, each issuing their own form of currency. Thus, paper money was seen as a solution to this, and got its start in China during the 1300s.

Whilst this was happening, Europeans started to grasp a new view of money. No longer seeing it as something to hoard or spend, it became something to invest.

The history and development of money

That is, money could be put to work in order to make more money.

Marco Polo’s travels to China then introduced the idea of paper money to Europeans. However, this took a while to catch on, with coins only evolving into bank notes in the 1600s.

John Biggins introduced the first credit card in 1946. In 1999, European banks started to offer smartphone mobile banking, followed by contactless payment cards in 2008.

History came full circle in 2014, with Bartercard providing businesses with a platform to barter surplus goods and services across the world.

Money is no longer anchored to a particular substance because after all, what matters about money isn’t what it is, but rather what it does.

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The history and development of money