The 7 Daily Commitments for MAP Success

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What is the proven formula for success in MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)?


THE proven formula for success in MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)

My forthcoming book, The MAP Addiction, outlines what I call The 7 Daily Commitments, which is followed with consistency, will enable you to achieve phenomenal levels of success.

In this blog post, I will be sharing four out of those seven commitments. If you want to learn about the final three, vital commitments for success, then you’ll have to pre-order my book! Details of how to do so are at the bottom of this blog post.

Many of my students and team members will already be aware that I host a weekly Millionaires’ Mentoring Conference Call, during which I update members on all of the latest business information they need to know as they take the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) message further afield. That’s the practical purpose of the calls; however, there’s a much more fundamental and important reason for getting everyone together once a week.

Tips for success as a million-dollar earner!

These calls give me the opportunity to share knowledge, skills and tips that are crucial to becoming a million-dollar earner, and part of this is what I call the 7 Daily Commitments. If followed, these will make the difference between someone who’s merely successful within the business and someone who’s dedicated to taking their life to a whole new level. I’m sharing them here because it’s vital that you keep coming back to them if you’re serious about your success.


If you are serious about success, delete ‘can’t from your vocabulary NOW

It is my belief that in order to achieve success within MyAdvertisingPays (MAP), every day you should be doing the following:

1) Buy more Credit Packs until you hit 1,200 (and then maintain them). There’s a reason why the majority of the stories within this book come from people who’ve reached Diamond Level membership. Become ADDICTED to buying Credit Packs; be ADDICTED to achieving Diamond Level.

2) Share the business with at least two people daily. Imagine if I let two people know about MyAdvertisingPays (MAP), and they let two more people know, and they in turn let two more people know. How quickly is my referral rate – and therefore my pro t share – going to explode? It’s a numbers game; you do the math. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and what you’re selling, then you’ll find it difficult NOT to share the business with two people each and every day.

3) Read, study and engage in personal development for 30 minutes daily. In Chapter 23 of The MAP Addiction, I outline the books that have influenced my own personal development journey. Buy them, study them, and absorb yourself in them and the messages they teach. They will transform your thinking and banish negativity from your life. One of my favourite texts to recommend is The Master Key System, which has helped me to develop my millionaire mindset. You can read about how the millionaire mindset – which I write extensively about in my blog – by clicking here.

4) Listen to Millionaires’ Calls daily. Again, this is about absorbing yourself in the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) mentality and the material – the messages contained in the Millionaires’ Calls are vital nuggets of information that you’ll be able to use when talking to people about the business. There’s also a vital resource on the MyAdvertising Pays (MAP) website called The Success Library; familiarise yourself with its content and visit it as often as you can.

Get started, get successful

So, as I’ve already mentioned, if you are serious about your business and you want to achieve success within MyAdvertisingPays (MAP), then make sure you get yourself a copy of my book, The MAP Addiction. You’ll be able to read the final three commitments and so much more that will help you on your journey towards financial freedom and the life of your dreams.
Wishing you the best day ever,
Simon Stepsys

Your time is precious, and so spend it wisely.


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Pre-order your copy of The MAP Addiction by emailing

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