Sergio Ervini gives a MAP product testimonial

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Sergio Ervini gives a MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) product testimonial

At MyAdvertisingPays (MAP), we love to share stories of success and I love nothing more than hearing how people across the globe are enjoying increasing levels of growth as a result of the MAP traffic product. The testimonial below has been kindly provided to me by up and coming MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) member Sergio Ervini who lives in France.


Sergio is relatively new to the business, joining eight months after we were established, however his story goes to show what can be achieved with the right mindset, and also how the product really does work.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed hearing it.

Thank you Sergio, you ROCK!

Sergio Ervini, Emerald Level MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) member, France

I joined MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) 16 months ago, starting off with just eight credit packs. In that time, I have steadily built that number to 887 – which is the Emerald Level of membership / achievement within the business.

Although I have experience in marketing and online advertising, this is my first time using capture pages to collect and build multiple leads and I have been amazed that in such a short space of time that I have developed 3500 new contacts! 

Another example of how things have worked out so well for me: I took the opportunity to advertise programmes to teach people about buying stocks on the Stock Exchange. I promoted this on 4th May 2015 and didn’t know these products well, so promoted straight links and received commission from this source.

I am really surprised and also delighted by the response on the platform as so far, they are working really well. What’s more, I am already in profit after just 4 month by a total of $3065 dollars.

That’s such a result and I am very happy.

In fact, it’s unbelievable.

I’ve learned that to encourage people to take action, you have to give them a good offer: I did this and got a good response.

It’s important to note that I respect the people I am selling to, and so I wouldn’t be sharing this business opportunity or anything else for that matter if I didn’t 100% believe that it worked. 

My results speak for themselves.

I am working on an Affiliate Programme and have participated in the launch of it by promoting on the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) traffic exchange. There is a competition for affiliates over a 5 day period. and in this short period of time they award the person who brings in the most leads. They have a chart for the people who have brought in the most leads – I am in the first 20 in the world after 4 days!

This has been achieved through the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Traffic Exchange, and these days I only ever advertise via this channel.

MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) has been absolutely amazing for my marketing, and I know for sure that I wouldn’t be getting the same results with Google. Not only that, but through working with people within this business I have learned how to write better headlines that capture people’s attention and get them clicking through to my website. And if that wasn’t enough, my click throughs from my mailshots are higher – it makes sales so much easier.

I am looking forward to sharing this opportunity and product more and more with as many people in France, and across the globe, as I can.


Simon Stepsys 

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