Mindset of a millionaire, my next book project

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Mindset of a millionaire, my next book project 


I’m onto my next project already

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well this fine Tuesday.

Most people who know me will already be aware that I have completed my first book, The MAP Addiction.

It’s been an amazing journey and I have loved every montes of it. The corporate team gave the go ahead for the book to be printed a few weeks back and so it’s all systems go, with the printers busy ordering the materials for the cover and paper, ready for the print.

By the end of the month the books will be ready for shipping and I absolutely cannot wait to sell them at events across the world.

It’s going to be PHENOMENAL!

Those who do know me well will also know that I am not one to stop there… and so in background I have been planning my next book. This one will be aimed at a more generic audience and will be all about ‘The mindset of a millionaire’.

The MAP Addiction was very much focused on the first 18 months of the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) business, and the amazing success stories achieved along the way, and so the content is most likely to be interesting to people involved in the business and prospects too.

My second book however, is going to be aimed at a more general reader – literally anyone who is interested in developing the mindset of a millionaire.

I have so much experience and knowledge gained over my 20 years plus in the network marketing industry that I want to share with the world, so that other people who are looking to develop themselves and gain financial freedom can pick up my book and learn from my experiences.

The book will focus on key areas of the millionaire mindset. I shall be talking to millionaires in and out of the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) business who have in their own way developed the skills, and had what it takes to become wealthy.

In addition, the book will include some cutting edge, pioneering research into the neuroscience of habit formation – something vital if you are going to become disciplined and successful, as well as advice on what books to read and study, and also exercises to help you develop a winning mindset.

So wish me luck, because today will be my first full day focusing on this project. I am looking forward to updating everyone as things progress.

If you know anyone who would be interested in being interviewed for the book – such as a wealthy person who has a story to tell about how they rose to the top, then please do let me know.

And if you’re keen to get started developing your millionaire mindset, then take a read of this blog post which will INSPIRE YOU TO ACTION.

Bye for now, and keep being AWESOME,

Simon Stepsys

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My new book, The MAP Addiction


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