Jose Mourinho: a case of self discipline in action

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Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho: a case of self discipline in action

How do you feel about Jose Mourinho as the manager of Manchester United? As talks enter their second day, Paul Scholes has made his feelings clear, suggesting in the media that Jose Mourinho would ‘deliver exciting football’ at Manchester United.

How can he deliver such excitement and consistent results? In my opinion, Jose Mourinho is the perfect example of self-discipline in action!

As one of the best football managers in the world, Jose Mourinho is a great case study for success. Often referred to as “The Special One”, Mourinho was born on 26 January 1963 in Setúbal, Portugal. His father – José Félix Mourinho – was a Portuguese goalkeeper and manager. Mourinho Snr. lost out on the Portugal national team job in 1983 but lost out and never got another chance.

Going on to coach little-known players at small-time clubs, his influence on his son’s career was vital. In the Mourinho biography, author Ciaran Kelly quotes Professor Jorge Castelo – one of his teachers during his five years at The University of Lisbon studying sport- on what distinguished Mourinho from other students: “The key was that he had a father who played and coached. Mourinho, during his childhood and adolescence, experienced more of the game’s situations, emotions, and dramas. He was closer than anyone to the specifics of the game.”. Jose’s father provided the wisdom of a lifetime’s experience in football.

Jose Mourinho: a case of self discipline in action

Today, Mourinho Jnr. has been successful at the highest level in four different countries, so other than taking on his father’s wisdom, how did he do it? Self-discipline. The ways in which self-discipline has contributed to his success lies with both the organisation and preparation he puts into his work.

Firstly, Jose’s players have often discussed his organisation skills. Players have spoken of 30 pre-planned preseason sessions – just one quality of a leadership style glowing with self-discipline. Secondly, the off-field preparation he puts into his work arguably goes unchallenged. This preparation includes 16-hour work days between his coaching, scouting, player management, and creating dossiers on his teams upcoming opponents. By showing others that he will put in the hours to be successful, he is setting an example for his team. However, we don’t have to be football managers to learn from his philosophy of success – we all can.

As someone who has been at the top in four different countries, his success translates across both cultures and different industries.

Jose Mourinho: a case of self discipline in action

Let’s get behind the drive to bring him to Old Trafford, because with football in his blood, his leadership style, and self discipline rubbing off onto the players, I for one can see a swift and exciting rise to the top for Manchester United!

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Jose Mourinho: a case of self discipline in action