Lino Curci on mindset and MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)

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Lino Curci on mindset and MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)

In this blog post, Lino Curci shares his incredible journey with MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) so far, and how his vision of helping others to lead better lives in Italy is coming true each and every day.


“Prospects who are coming into the business who are new to network marketing have a lot of development to do on their mindset.” Lino Curci

Lino also shares how he has been able to put The Law of Attraction to use,  and explains that in other Affiliate Marketing opportunities – where he had previously failed to achieve success – he had focused too much on skill instead of mindset.

Changing his mindset has meant a massive change in his life.

Well done Lino Curci – YOU ROCK!

“The right product, plus the right mindset equals incredible results”

Lino says:

“I am so very happy to be a part of this wonderful business. As I share my story, people are beginning to believe more and more in MyAdvertisingPays (MAP). In Italy, we are regularly spreading the message with events, videos and blogging, so that people in this country can learn about the business and how it can help to transform lives.

I’ve been running a live question and answer session where I speak with people interested in the opportunity, so that they can hear first hand the ways in which MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) works and what it can offer them. By going live and speaking with this people in this way, we are building belief like never before.

What I have noticed is that prospects who are coming into the business who are new to network marketing have a lot of development to do on their mindset. And this was particularly the case for me when I first learned about Affiliate Marketing. Mindset accounts for about 95% of the success rate in this industry, and it’s amazing because not many people truly know and understand that it is the key to a better life.

As I learned about The Law of Attraction, I began to apply it to myself and saw things begin to transform. I also looked back over my previous experiences – particularly a four-year period with the High Traffic Academy where I was a VIP – and realised the mistakes I was making. It’s great to have these illuminated so that I can learn from them.

Instead of focusing on my mindset, I focused on my skills and technical ability. And to my surprise I wasn’t achieving success. Of course now I understand, because as I learned the power of the mind and applied The Law of Attraction, everything changed.

I became more successful with my online programmes, and learned how to become an authority with my online presence. This was particularly relevant with my social media profiles and Facebook, which I used to share my knowledge with others. So when I had a success I shared it. When I learned something new, I shared it. I didn’t just keep it for myself.

So it was a natural progression for me when I discovered MyAdvertisingPays (MAP). I already had the skills, the mindset and the following – but immediately I knew that this company was different. It has a big vision to help people to change their lives and this resonated with me. I knew I wanted to be involved and their vision was similar to mine.

Interestingly, when I look back to my vision – which I got really clear on back in 2012 – it was to use The Law of Attraction to help other people, and this is what I am doing each and every day. I am changing the lives of Italian people, helping them to lead more comfortable lives, to pay their bills and to have access to the wealth that can be generated through online marketing.

This was my dream, and I am so happy to be living it. And it is all down to a positive mindset!”

Keep being AMAZING Lino… 

Simon Stepsys 


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