MUST WATCH: Counting money

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MUST WATCH: Counting money

Happy Monday MAPPERS!

I hope that you are refreshed, rested and ready for MASSIVE ACTION after your weekend.


How do you count yours?

The video I am about to share in this blog is GUARANTEED to get you pumped up and inspired for a great week ahead. Because there is nothing like seeing a stack of MONEY being counted out at the beginning of the week to get you five, six or seven days of relentless ACTION.

I’ll go as far as to say it is an absolute MUST watch for ALL MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) members who are serious about making a significant change to the numbers that appears in their bank accounts. In fact, it is an absolute MUST for everyone who wants to change their financial circumstances.

Click here to watch the video.

For me, there is nothing more satisfying than counting out and enjoying the rewards of my hard work. I love money and money loves me.

I embrace and accept money into my life, and when you do the same, you will see just how easily it begins to flow to you. Money is energy after all, it loves to move and it will move to the people and places that welcome it.

If this video doesn’t inspire you then you need to seriously re-think your goals. Recorded just over a year ago in January 2015, this video remains as powerful and relevant today as it was back then.

If not more so.

The message is so simple: if you want to be able to pull a stack of fifty pound notes out of your pocket then you need to get FOCUSED and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. I often teach, train and mentor people that if they get to the end of the year and aren’t able to draw out ¢250,000 in CASH, then they have wasted THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE DAYS.

Make sure that as of now, you are not going to waste another year. Make your time count, get focused and open your energetic channels so that MONEY flows to you naturally.

A big part of that is preparing your mindset, and one of the ways to do so is to surround yourself with the right videos, books and people that will support you in your goal. This video is one such thing.

Be the best, have a great week and see you at the next event, 

Simon Stepsys 


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