What does MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) mean to you?

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What does MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) mean to you?

What does MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) mean to you?

I can sum up in just one word precisely what it is that MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) means to me. And that word is: Freedom.

Take a look at this short video I recorded earlier today whilst on holiday in Bali, where I explain why….

What is freedom?

Freedom, in the traditional sense of the word means the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Moreover, it is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

When I think about the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) lifestyle, I also think about all of those people out there in the rat race, living the 9-5 existence.

  • They are imprisoned by their jobs, their bosses, their mortgages and debts;
  • They feel trapped in a cycle of work, with little or no time to spend with loved ones;
  • They worry that they won’t be able to make ends meet;
  • They worry about redundancies, interest rates, and pensions.

They spend their lives saving for a time when they will be free; when in reality the time to be free is now!

What does MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) mean to you?

And that is precisely what MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) offers… the chance to be free of the stress and strain of what we are told is a normal existence.

The great news is that once we are liberated from this existence, the freedom just keeps growing and growing. We are free to choose how to live our lives, to be creative, to pursue goals, dreams and aspirations.

And we are free to see and travel the world, to meet new and interesting people, expand our minds and absorb learning from different cultures. Freedom breeds freedom.

MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) has provided me the opportunity to travel the world and for that I will be eternally grateful. Join us at the next event and start your journey – we have gatherings taking place regionally, locally and internationally. There is something for everyone – London, Germany, Dubai, Barcelona, South Africa, Brazil! Visit www.MapEvents.info to find out more.

MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) has provided me the opportunity to travel the world

MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) has provided me the opportunity to travel the world

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What does MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) mean to you?

One thing to bear in mind: I’m not offering a free meal ticket here. Freedom comes from hard work and determination. I work 15-hour days a lot of the time: I’m ADDICTED, obsessed and relentless about my commitment to personal and financial freedom.

For me, there is no other way.

I look forward to joining you on your journey to success!! See you at the next event… www.MapEvents.info 

Your friend and mentor,


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“Success is the ability to do what you love every day. This may sound simple but what you love changes over time and having the ability to change what you are doing to match your passion is true success. This has nothing to do with money, wealth or status as each person has different passions and loves.” – David Hauser co-founder of http://Grasshopper.com

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What does MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) mean to you?




How to create your Vision Board

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How to create your Vision Board

I had my first experience of Vision Boards when I visited the house of Amways’ Paul Still, back when I was working as a roadsweeper laying tarmac sealant. Paul had an incredible home, but what struck me was how he used vision boards to keep him focused on the next level of his success.

Vision Board

A constant on my Vision Board


If you are new to Vision Boards and using them to help you achieve the life of your dreams, then you will probably wondering what a vision board is and how can you create one.

In the most basic sense, a vision board is a collection of images and words that you place on a board, and then put somewhere prominent so you will see it every day.

Want it? Vision Board it!

Want it? Vision Board it!

But it is so much more than that. 

At it’s core, a vision board is a representation of the person you want to be and the life you want to life. It is a visual depiction of your desires and dreams.

So how do you go about creating one?

Ask yourself these three questions first of all:

1)   Remove the limiting factors of money, fear, people’s opinions… Now, what would you truly be, want and have?

2)   What do you need to let go of to create this in your life?

3)   What would you have to believe in order to be, do, and have these things?

Vision Board

If there were no constraints, what would you do, be and have?

Write down your answers to these questions.

Then get yourself a stack of magazines, a big board, some glue and scissors. You can of course print photographs off the internet.

And then let yourself just GO FOR IT! Choose images that represent the life you wished for when you answered question 1 and get gluing.

It doesn’t matter if the board doesn’t look amazing – although it most likely will – the key is what you do with it once it is finished.

If you want to, you can also add inspirational words to your board… such as money, wealth, freedom, abundance, vision, health. Anything you like.

Once you’re done, find a place in your home that you will be able to see the board from each and every day.

Then make sure you look at the board, it will act as a reminder and help you to bring into your life the things you truly desire.

A MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) visualisation exercise to help you with your vision board.

Imagine how you feel in the morning!! And evening!

Create a vision board and focus DAILY 15mins morning, daily and before bed!


Vision board it! Write your perfect day!

What’s your MAP Monthly INCOME Goal in 2016? And in what MONTH will you achieve it?

Make a Written declaration and put it up by your PC, your mirror, your bed side, your fridge, EVERY where you will see it multiple times daily! And work your butt off until you EXCEED IT!


Share your story

Do you use a vision board? I want to hear from you if you have used a vision board to manifest the life of your dreams.

Leave a comment below.

And remember to have the best day ever, 

Simon Stepsys 


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Let your vision board be the path to who you truly are