Secure your ticket to the GRAND 3rd Anniversary MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Event

Secure your ticket to the GRANT 3rd Anniversary MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Event

Secure your ticket to the GRAND 3rd Anniversary MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Event

Hello everyone!

We here at MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  hope this update finds you all well, and preparing for the relaunch of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  in the coming weeks!

This is a very important update so please read it all the way through!

First and foremost, we are proud to announce that tickets will be available for purchase through our very own ticket website starting tomorrow morning at 10am, https://tickets . myadvertisingpays .com, for the 3rd anniversary event of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) ! This event has been orchestrated and planned by corporate. We have a very exciting and informative day planned for everyone in attendance. Here’s a breakdown of the day;

An insight into the world of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) and its future, what has been happening behind the scenes and a flavour of what’s to come. Keynote speech from our founder and CEO Mike Deese along with well renowned persons from the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  world. Buffet and refreshments are included.

Secure your ticket to the GRAND 3rd Anniversary MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Event

10am till 12:30: Presentation Reception

• Company history overview;
• Company present situation;
• ** Huge Special Announcement **
• Company new corporate partnership;
• Company new product range;

2pm till 4:30pm: New Product Training

• New site layout;
• New style traffic exchange;
• New external advertising;
• New member compensation plan;
• New member opportunities;
• New company training overview;


4:30pm Clear room to be prepped for evening entertainment and 3 course dinner

7:30pm Dinner and Party time!!!!

Please come and enjoy a fantastic evening shared with our CEO and members. Evening includes:

• 3 Course Gourmet Evening Meal
• Wine & Water on tables
• Magician
• Live 80s band and DJ until late

The closest airport to the event is Manchester (MAN). The venue will be announced just prior to the event. Transportation will be necessary to get you from the airport to the event. You do not want to miss this event!

After the last company update, our customer support staff began receiving numerous tickets surrounding two issues:

  • The current status of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) members existing credit packs; and
  • The method by which MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) member accounts will function moving forward
    (In order to best address the above issues, I am going to take them one by one and do my best to clarify each);
  • The current status of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) members existing credit packs;

Secure your ticket to the GRANT 3rd Anniversary MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Event

After VX Gateway represented that their company was going into liquidation, MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  was required to account for each and every MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) member eWallet to ensure that our claim during their proceedings was perfectly tailored to existing member balances. Therefore, while our legal counsel proceeds with the recovery process, MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  has been required to stop profit sharing payouts on existing credit packs until such time that we can adequately ensure that all funds are accounted for.

As previously mentioned, our customer service lines are available to answer any further questions you may have on the VX Gateway proceedings. In the event your question requires a legal opinion, we will request a response from our legal counsel and forward any reply forthwith.

The method by which MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) member accounts will function moving forward.

A number of inquiries have been received by GPN DATA regarding “opening” or “changing” member accounts. We realize that in the past, VX Gateway supplied MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  members with eWallet access and customer support related to account changes, balances, transaction data, etc.

This being said, in the relaunch of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  later this month, we are cutting out the middleman! There will be no need to open anything except a MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  account to make transactions in-and-out. Just as your bank provides online banking access, MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  will be rolling out our own financial module – similar to that experienced on VX Gateway – except with an innovative and user-friendly interface, that provides you, the member, the ability to control your account and funds the way you like.

GPN DATA will provide a secure, PCI-DSS compliant payment page for you to deposit and withdraw your funds, without any real interaction with them. This means more control, more transparency and more efficiency.

In the case of Direct Bank Debit/Wire Transfer deposits, relevant bank information will be supplied by the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  customer and directly wired into your MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  account module. All funds will be deposited in a MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  controlled account – not a third party – and secured until you choose to use them. In the event you request a withdraw of your accumulated account balance, GPN DATA will facilitate the processing via funds shown in your MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  module.

Finally, as VX is ordered to release funds, your earnings will begin to appear in your MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)  account as deposits and will be fully available for purchases and withdrawals.

We very much hope that the above further clarifies our ongoing efforts to make the member experience memorable and user friendly!

Very exciting times lay ahead for every one of you loyal members that have stuck with us through thick and thin. Sometimes things happen that are outside of our control and all we can do is utilize every resource available to us to ensure the best situation possible is achieved. Thank you to those that still believe in a bright future with our company!

Don’t forget to secure your ticket to the grand 3rd anniversary event starting at 10am UK time tomorrow, the 15th of November, here; https://tickets . myadvertisingpays .com.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to meeting many of you!

MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) 

Still haven;t read about plans for the re-launch of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP)? Then you need to read my previous blog, here –…been-waiting-for

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Secure your ticket to the GRAND 3rd Anniversary MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Event

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