“Is MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) a scam?”

"Is MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) a scam?"

“Is MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) a scam?”

Scam is possibly one of the most searched for words on the internet, and so it is no surprise to me that when I first share this business opportunity with prospects, the first thing they do is type into Google ‘Is MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) a scam?’

A company that pays out every 20 minutes, 365 days a year, simply sounds too good to be true. 

My advice to you or anyone you know who is interested in joining MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) or any other online opportunity is always to ‘do your research’. Don’t limit yourself to just one opinion. And don’t believe everything you read.

For example, you could read an article or blog that says ‘MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) is a scam, and alternatively you could read one that says ‘MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) is a 100% legal and compliant business.

Just because it is written down, doesn’t mean it is necessarily true. I have just presented two diametrically opposed views, and so which one are you going to believe? There has to be an element of trusting your gut instinct, doing the research, speaking with people in the industry and looking at the hard facts / results.

“Is MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) a scam?”

It is important to be aware of an look for the hidden agenda behind the information you are reading. So let’s say for example you come across what seems to be a lengthy and well written article titled, ‘Is MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) a scam?’ There are plenty of hyperlinks to other blogs which look to be building a solid picture of evidence. Its likely you’re getting close to making up your mind.

I would advise you to pause for a moment and look at the originator of the article. Who wrote it and what is their business? Whilst this might not be 100% true all of the time, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that they have a vested interest in presenting MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) in a bad light. For example, you might find that when you dig a little deeper, they are promoting a business opportunity all of their own. Taking the time to look beyond what is immediately obvious will reveal so much, and it is well worth taking the time to do this for your own piece of mind.

This is one reason why you will never find me bad mouthing another opportunity. I encourage people to seek out their own information and I always wish people well in whatever they do.

Even the people who try to bring down MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) and call it a scam. To those people, and everyone else, I would encourage them to consider this simple but amazing MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) fact: At any one second, around the clock, there are, on-average, 400 members online browsing the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) site. The MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) PRODUCT is the traffic: and so with 400 members looking at banner  and text ads each and every second, how can MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) be anything other than a legitimate traffic opportunity?

It is free to join – so there is absolutely no risk in finding out for yourself.

So, to everyone out there in and out of the business, I wish you all the best in whatever you decide.

Have the best day ever, 

Simon Stepsys 


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“Is MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) a scam?”

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  1. Awesome Story. And you are absolute Right mate. I know a lot of Mappers and no one of them speak bad about other business’. But in opposite,the most of other “Marketer” in different (Revshare) Companies wishing MAP trough Hell and scream “This is a Scam”!
    Sadly…but as you know, this is marketing and Bad article are promotimg better than Good news.
    Kepp up the great work 🙂

  2. Kai Völkle says:

    Great explanation! Thats the way a think, too.
    One thing that strikes me nearly every time, is that all the bad tings you can read are based on “opinions and estimates”, but no really reseached and confirmed FACTS for bad machinations …. for example there are things like:
    – “that seems to be a scam” …
    – “i think they will be not older than 3 years”,
    – “WARNING, MyAdvertisingPays seems to be have a ponzi structure” …
    – “what happens if MAP will be closed? your money could be gone …”
    – “LOOK! the alexa ranking falls, thats the beginning of the End of MAP” …
    a.s.o, a.s.o, a.s.o …

    Ok, sometimes there are seemingly negative facts, but if you “dig deeper” (like simon said),
    you find out “THATS ONLY A FU….. LIE”!. Lies, to bring MAP down. Lies, based on incomplete research, but fits to the own opinion of the author!
    I have read so much negative and positive blogs, postings and articles, but till today i was not able to find negative and confirmed FACTS, but only POSITIVE and confirmed FACTS.
    So, what weighs more? … Build your OWN opinion and make your OWN experience in a thoughtful way! … Don’t copy these personality properties from others!

    thanks to simon and regards

    PS: i hope that my english is readable in the right way 😉

  3. Ray Bobbin says:

    I ordered your book when you first announced it on facebook. Have you kept records of your original advert? Or will I need to order again.

    I live in an area of high scepticism. I know of no other Mappers near me. Is there a way of finding out of anyone local to me for meeting etc?

    I did meet you in the pub near the collage at the last London meeting but I dont expect you will remember me lol.

    Kind regards Ray Bobbin

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