INCREDIBLE MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) testimonials from today’s London event

INCREDIBLE MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) testimonials from today's London eventINCREDIBLE MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) testimonials from today’s London event

The country may be divided after a difficult political week, however there is one place where people still have smiles on their faces, and that’s a MyAdvertisingPays (MAP). London event! Today I have been literally blown away by the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) testimonials shared by members who came on stage and spoke about their experiences since joining the business.

We smashed the ‪#‎Map‬ event today in London!!! Ordinary people making extraordinary incomes! Lives are being not just changed but transformed! ‪#‎Billion‬ Dollar company in the making! YOU SHOULD BE HERE!!! Get to the next event!

So here, in this blog post I’m sharing just a small selection of them here in the hope that you will be as amazed and inspired as I was.

But first, I also want to take a moment to thank each person who came along today. Not only those who shared their stories, but each person who took the time out of their life to come and experience the energy, grow their future, shift their mindset and solidify their belief. A special thanks to Tony Booth – our incredible corporate leader who also came along and shared some exciting, mind blowing updates about the future of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP). You all ROCK!

INCREDIBLE MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) testimonials from today’s London event

Here is what our happy and proud members said:

Kirsten Boenig from Germany shared: “I am a single mum, I used to be a cook working day and night. I wanted to find something else. I earned a bit of money on online marketing but not enough to quit my job. A good friend of mine introduced me to the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) opportunity. He said if you don’t join you will regret it. I bought 20 credit packs and overnight earned money! After the first event I believed so much! I became a Diamond in a year. I travel around the world, I have 4 diamonds underneath me. This makes me so happy, I have tears in my eyes – it’s not all about the money but about the people, the friends you make along the way.”

Henrietta from the UK.  “I am a retired teacher. I have been online checking for opportunities for a long time, my good friend introduced me in 2014. I bought credit packs and for 3 months did nothing, I was vert skeptical and had lost money in the past. I didn’t want to let my children know but Francisco encouraged me to attend an event. I went along to an event and saw so many people with smiles on their faces. I saw Francisco’s results. I couldn’t believe I’d waited 3 months – that night I went home and bought 300 credit packs. Last year I became a Diamond. It’s been awesome. I’ve visited so many places. Don’t let anyone rob you of your dreams, you can achieve whatever you want, nothing is impossible. Go out and get what rightfully belongs to you!”

Sharon Hamilton shared: “I’ve been in the business for 13 weeks, my background is banking for 20 years, but I was made redundant. I was looking for something else to do, and a friend told me about MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) and I did my research. I decided to purchase 20 Credit Packs and attended a regional event. I listened to Simon, who said Take MASSIVE Action. I knew I had some of my own money to spend, however I needed another £15,000 because I wanted to get to Diamond in 12 weeks. Got 500 Credit Packs and then borrowed the remaining money interest free and then used the profit share to get the other 500. I made it to Diamond level in 11 weeks. WOW!”

Dave Martin – a Blue Diamond (and a trainee millionaire!) who shared: I owned a reasonably successful company operating in London and Dorset. I advertised my company on MyAdvertisingPays (MAP). My company’s website went to the first page of Google and as a result I got so many enquiries that I stopped advertising! My company expanded at the point I actually wanted to retire. The product works. We have to keep focused on that, and I host meetings every 2 months to keep sharing this message. And of course, I’m making quite a lot of money, recently I bought my wife a car and paid cash for it for her birthday. I love this business”

We had a single mother who used to work as a bartender who shared: “I wanted to find something for less work but more money. I wanted a solution – there was more to life than struggle. I found MyAdvertisingPays (MAP), I clicked on the ads, I became rich. You may join for the money but it is the beginning, you grow, you find family, you make money and travel the world together.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

INCREDIBLE MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) testimonials from today’s London event

People from different countries, different backgrounds came together today to share in one common experience. That is the power of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP).

As I listened to all of the incredible testimonials, I thought ‘Where do I sign up?’ – but the truth is you can only sign up to this amazing opportunity the once. And I’m already IN! However if having read this blog post you’re ready to get started and transform your life, then follow this link. I promise you won’t look back!

To those who came, a big heartfelt thank you for joining us today. Your presence made it a phenomenal, emotional and touching day. To those who missed it, make sure you join us in September at the next London event. We’re taking a month off the London event in August because we’ll be in Sydney, attending their National event over there.

Keep believing, keep being awesome, and see you at the next event!

Your friend and mentor,

Simon Stepsys

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INCREDIBLE MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) testimonials from today’s London event

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