How would you spend your first day as a MILLIONAIRE?!!

How would you spend your first day as a MILLIONAIRE?!!

How would you spend your first day as a MILLIONAIRE?!!

Since joining MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) a little over two years ago, my life has dramatically changed. Regular readers of this blog will know that I enjoy the best in life, whether that be luxury cars, hotels, travel, watches or food and drink. However, what does an average day look like for a millionaire, and how can you structure your own day like a millionaire?

In this post, I’m going to be sharing both!

How would you spend your first day as a MILLIONAIRE?!!

A typical day for me begins early – often by 6am. I often say to people that money never sleeps and that saying is true. I work late into the evening and make sure I rise early every day. The extra hours give me time for reading and self development, and to catch up on emails and social media. I’ll spend time responding to colleagues and prospects, as well as a good hour posting motivational messages and updates in my Facebook groups.

I make sure I exercise. As a member of a local luxury spa and gym, I have the use of some exceptional state of the art equipment. The key for me is not to overdo it and tire myself out, but to do a little and feel energised by stretching and toning my body. It gives me the time I need to think too – particularly when I am swimming or in the sauna. I have a lot of my best ideas and inspiration during or after workouts.

Food is important to me. I love food and always make sure that I take the time to eat properly, whether that is home cooked from scratch or at one of the amazing local hotels or restaurants.

Mentoring, social media, writing and planning. The bulk of my afternoon and late into the evening is spent promoting the business, providing guidance and mentoring to my team and generally ensuring that I am up to date with everything that is happening within the business. I keep the social media pages up to date and then plan presentations for events or evening mentoring calls.

Time for personal development. Into each and every day, I build in time to read, reflect and sometimes meditate. It is a natural habit for me to do this and my day isn’t complete without exploring ways to expand my mind and continually improve what I do.

Reviewing my finances. Last but not least, I review my finances each and every day by writing down what I have earned in a notebook. It’s great to see the figures going up and up!

Obviously my days vary and if I am planning, travelling or attending an event then my schedule is entirely different. The flexibility this business offers me is one of the things I love the most.

How would you spend your first day as a MILLIONAIRE?!!

How to structure your day like a millionaire 

  • Get up early.
  • Exercise
  • Eliminate negativity
  • Eat well
  • Make time for self development
  • Review your financial progress daily


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How would you spend your first day as a MILLIONAIRE?!!

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