How to start your day positively!!

How to start your day positively!!

How to start your day positively

How to start your day positively!!

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”– Buddha

I’d like to start this post by talking about the thing that every successful day always begins with: Your ‘why’

Your purpose, and the things you do to fill your day will lack focus unless you have a clear understanding of the reasons why you are doing what you do. You may be working 15-hour days, you may be spending time away from your family and loved ones, but if you know the end goal, the reason why all of this is happening, then the short-term pain will be worth it for the long-term gain.

So what is your why?

Your ‘why’ is what feels authentically driven for YOU.

Many of us set goals that we know we want to achieve, but we don’t sit down to really consider why. Why do we want a more successful business? Why do we want to quit our job? Why do we want to be more productive? Why do we want to lose weight?

If you’re finding yourself falling short of achieving the things you want to, there’s most likely a disconnection between saying you want something (whatever that is), and the steps you’re taking to achieve it. That gap, that disconnection is you not knowing your “why”. This is where your motivation to actually go and get the things you want comes from.

How to start your day positively!!

If you don’t know what it is, here’s how to find your ‘why’:

First, write down the things you want to achieve, and a WHY they are important to you. This can be one sentence or a bullet point list of reasons.

Then follow these 4 steps to really dig into your why:

  1. Identify what you believe to be true

To be authentic, you need to live your own truth and not someone else’s truth.

Is this the reason why you really want something? Or is it what someone else wants? Does it resonate with your core values?

If you want to lose weight, is it because your partner has been making comments, or is it because you want to lose it for yourself?

What is your emotional connection to it?

The faith that you have will stabilise you through thick and thin – but your faith can only come out of the things you believe. If it’s not your belief, your emotional connection, your ‘why’, you won’t unconsciously have faith in it or be drawn to it.

The ‘why’ that is true to you will sustain you and keep you going when you hit bumps in the road – something you’ll have plenty of if you’re following your dreams.

  1. Make sure it’s big enough

WHY do you need a big enough “why”?

You need a big enough “why” in order to stick with anything. Why is it THE most important why on your list of goals? The key here is self-determination and it’s only something you can find if your goals mean something to you.

  1. Make sure the ways you can reach it are sustainable

I’ve written posts on creating new habits in the past, so if you’ve read those you’ll know that a habit has to be sustainable. If your “why” is really far away – a very long-term goal, it will most likely be too difficult to sustain and therefore attain. This is why breaking goals down is important.

  1. It has to make you happy

Do you enjoy it in the moment? How do you feel when you’re doing it – physically and mentally? Do you have more physical energy and mental fuel? Pay attention to your body and you’ll be surprised what you can learn about yourself.

And so each morning when you wake up, remind yourself of why you’re getting out of bed, why you’re working so hard. And keep this in mind as you go about your business, whatever that is.

How to start your day positively!!

So, have you found the why behind your current goals? If not, they may need an overhaul! 

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How to start your day positively!!

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