Habits of unsuccessful people

Harness the habits of a successful mindset

Harness the habits of a successful mindset

I blog a lot about the mindset of success, and what the difference is between the mindset of someone who is successful versus someone who has a poor or poverty mentality. But so far I haven’t identified the actual habits or thought patterns of unsuccessful people.

In this blog, I would like to talk about the habits of unsuccessful people, because many people I teach, train or mentor come into the MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) business after experiencing failure after failure in other opportunities, or in life in general.

So over time, I have learned to pick up on and identify the various characteristics that unsuccessful people, and I have listed them here.

1)Unsuccessful people talk more than they listen.  Have you ever noticed how often, the people with the least interesting information or stories to tell often dominate a conversation, whereas the most intelligent people sit back and listen? It’s not by accident. 

2)Unsuccessful people see problems in every opportunity, without exploring ways to grow and develop. They think, say and do things that are negative. They put up blocks or barriers to their own success, or the opportunities of those around them. They stay within their comfort zone, and can often be heard turning every little issue into a full-blown catastrophe. 

3)Unsuccessful people lack good decision-making abilities. Rather than thinking strategically and considering facts (as well as gut instinct), unsuccessful people will tend to jump around and life their life on their impulses. I see this a lot within the Network Marketing industry – people jump from opportunity to opportunity, without paying solid foundations and giving things a chance. Experience has taught me that if you spread yourself too thinly, then it is almost impossible to succeed at anything. 

4)Unsuccessful people waste time. They watch soaps on TV, spend time gossiping about others or getting drunk beyond comprehension (anyone who knows me knows that I like a cheeky pint or two – this isn’t a judgement or a criticism, I just believe in moderation). 

5)Unsuccessful people take the easy way out. They lie, cheat, dodge, cut corners, steal and generally break the rules in order to get on in life. They will do whatever they can to avoid hard work and taking responsibility for making their lives better. 

After reading this, would you consider yourself to have a winning mindset, or do you need to do some work to shift those negative thought patterns once and for all?

The good news… because there is always a way out

The good news is, that it is possible to change your mindset. Watch out for my blog post later in the week, which is going to focus on how to shift your mindset from negative to positive.

Be the best,

Simon Stepsys



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