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2016, The Year of the MAP continues with our next MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Regional Meeting that is taking place on Friday 29th January in MALTA.

Place of venue: Marina St Julians

MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) is going truly global this year and I can’t wait to share details of what’s in store. Read the information below, purchase your tickets and watch your business SOAR.

Sun, sea and MyAdvertisingPays. Our Malta event on the 29th January has it all.

Sun, sea and MyAdvertisingPays. Our Malta event on the 29th January has it all.

Visit our dedicated Eventbrite website to purchase your tickets .


19:00   Registration for Elite Plus Members Only

19:30   Elite PLus Members – Meeting ONLY for  ELITE members with 100 packs plus

20:00   REGISTRATION  for guests. Tell your guests to come and register from 20:00

20:30   MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Presentation plus testimonials

21:30   BREAK (Drinks to be purchased at own expenses)

21:45   Training – ONLY for  MAP Members and Special Guest

22.30   Recognition & witness LIVE on stage members buying their last packs to 1200 becoming DIAMONDS

1.  ‘ELITE PLUS’ Member       Ticket are 15 euros, for Early Birds 10 euros (ticket holder can invite ONE guest NON MEMBER for Map Presentation). This ticket is valid for the whole evening session for Elite Members plus. You must hold 100 packs and more. Log in your account to show proof of 100 packs plus at the door along with this ticketElite Plus tickets are 15 euros on the day
2.  ‘MAPPER’ Member         Ticket 15 euros, for Early Birds are 10 Euros (ticket holder can invite ONE guest NON MEMBER for free for MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Presentation only). this Ticket is valid for training and presentation ‘Mapper’ Member Tickets are 15 Euros at the door on the day
3.  COMPLIMENTARY WITH MEMBER              (ONLY VALID WITH ONE PURCHASED OF ANY MAPPER TICKET) If you hold a Mapper’s ticket for this event then this is a free invite to one guest for free and the guest should hold this ticket. Please register their name on this Supplement Ticket. Valid for entrance for the Presentation Only.

4.  GUEST. 5 euros for the second guest & more. This ticket is only for MAP                                         Presentation not for any of the training or meetings.All Guests wishing to stay for the training from 9:45pm please go at the registration desk with the person who invited you before training commences to pay 5 Euros iholding Guest Ticket or 10 Euros holding Supplement Ticket

BREAK  drinks to be purchased at own expenses

First part

7:00pm  Elite Registration log in your account for proof of packs  

7:30pm  Meeting Starts

MEETING, ONLY FOR ELITE PLUS MEMBERS – **************20:00 Registration of guests for MAP Presentation

20:30 MAP Presentation 



9:30pm Quick Break 

BREAK (at own expenses)——————————————-


Guests staying for the training from 9:45pm please make sure that they hold the right ticket and have become MAP members

9:45pm Training for all Members

Recognition of All Levels

Meet the new diamonds on board

Special Guest


I am a member, which ticket should I get?

If you hold 100 packs and more get the ELITE Plus ticket, if you have less than 100 packs get the ‘ Mapper Ticket’.  I have a one guest, which ticket should I get?Supplement ticket to register the name. Guests with no tickets simply WON’T be allowed in for the presentation. We have limited spaces and we NEED to know the number of guests prior to the date. Those guests who are registered have priority, so make sure you register your guests. to secure their place. If you have a second guest and more please make sure  they hold a Guest ticket for 5 euros each .

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

No ID required but must be 18 years or older to join MAP. Young children are not allowed in the meeting room as this may cause inconvenience to other guests and members to follow the live event and training

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes please, Printouts, passbook, and mobile downloads, email. Makes it easier for scanning the tickets

The name on the registration/ticket doesn’t match the attendee. Is that okay?

Every guest and every member has to have THEIR OWN printed name. If you are inviting guests –  your first one should hold the Supplement Ticket for the Presentaation only and the others should hold the Guest TicketI am not coming ….but I have a guest to send to the presentation?As a member please buy the Mapper ticket and register your guest on the Supplement Ticket. After you buy your ticket then before the checkout add the ticket Complimentary Ticket and write their name so it will be registered. We need to know who send the guest so we will take care of them for you

How can I invite the second guest for free?

The mappers ticket only allows for one invitation to non members. The second guest and the others you invite are not free they need to hold the Guest Ticket for 5 euros each.My guests love this business and would like to stay for the training. Is there any payment requirements?Yes but very important is that they have to be already members in order to be allowed to the Training Sessions. You can do this in the break or register them prior the day of the event.If they hold Complimentary Ticket they have to pay 10 euros at the Registration desk.If they hold Guest Ticket then they pay 5 euros at the Registration desk.Once they hold the right ticket for the training and are registered members with Map, then they can receive the training.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes it is transferrable to another person for the SAME day if you cannot attend the meeting. It is not transferrable for another day.

Which tickets should my guests hold?

If you have one guest then they should hold the Complimentary Ticket and this is free because it comes with the Mapper ticket you had bought.if you have two guests or more they should hold the Guest ticket for 5 euros eachI am a lovley sponsor and I would like to buy tickets for my team, which ones shall I get?Get tickets accordingly so they can attend the meetings and training. If they have more than 100 packs simply buy them the Elite ticket and if they have less than 100 packs get them the Mapper Ticket

WHENFriday, 29 January 2016 from 19:00 to 23:00 (CET) – Add to Calendar

WHERESaint Julian’s – Saint Julian’s MT


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My new book The MAP Addiction is out soon, and shares many more success stories like these.

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