Book review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Book review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Book review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

In this blog post, I am going to be reviewing Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The people I teach, coach and mentor always receive recommendations from me of books that I consider to be an integral part of my success, and I would consider this book to be one of the best.

Together with The Master Key System, Think and Grow Rich was instrumental in providing me with the foundation to truly believe that the right mindset is the true path to success in life.

Think and Grow Rich was one of my first reads when I started on my personal development journey. It was first published in 1937 during the Great Depression. In 1970, when Napoleon Hill died, more than 20 million copies had been sold.

Book review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

What’s the message?

The learning I took from this book is simple yet powerful: you can achieve anything you want to achieve in life. It became the book that really spurred me on my personal development journey; I’d encourage you to get a copy and read it as soon as you can.

Whilst the title of the book suggests that it’s focused solely on how to achieve material or monetary wealth, Hill makes clear that the material could help people to succeed in whatever area of their life they wish to.

Having the power to make a success of my life was not a message of encouragement that I received when I was growing up, so to find a text that helped me to learn this was invaluable.

To this date, Think and Grow Rich remains the greatest seller of all of Napoleon Hill’s books, with over 15 million copies sold worldwide.

Book review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

A little about Napoleon Hill himself

Hill has been described as a spiritual man, something which I am becoming increasingly aligned with in my own journey. In a subsequent book, Grow Rich with Peace of Mind, Hill described how he had visitations from spirits and also felt that his insights came from a master that spoke directly to him.

This is an area of deep fascination to me and I hope to write about it further in future blog posts. If you are interested in the link between spirituality and business, then you may be interested in reading my blog post on this topic.


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Book review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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