Book review: The Master Key System, by Charles F Haanel

Book review: The Master Key System, by Charles F Haanel

Book review: The Master Key System, by Charles F Haanel

The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel is a text I recommend to all of my students for their personal development journey. In this blog post, I am going to be providing a book review of this incredible text, because in my opinion, if you are looking for a complete introduction to a higher level of thinking and being, this has to be THE place to start.

The material isn’t easy, in fact I would say it is quite advanced. For people new to self-development, I suggest that they keep a dictionary close to hand, and that they be prepared to re-read paragraphs over and over until they fully understand the message. It is an outstanding piece of work and it requires time to fully appreciate the deep, complex messages contained within.

However, it is well worth the work. The Master Key System has helped me to transform my whole life, my whole way of being.

Since beginning my personal development journey, I’ve read many books and articles and have listened to just as many audios on the topic. However, The Master Key System is the one I return to again and again. It’s the one text which continues to give me insight after insight, as I can always find something new to learn in the material I now know by heart.

How has The Master Key System influenced me so much? 

Within the field of spiritual development, this book has got to be THE most complete exploration of how we can shape our own own thoughts and truly tap into the Law of Attraction.

In his writing, Haanel reveals the power of thought-creation, and gives us some exercises to help his students live a more intentional life.

Book review: The Master Key System, by Charles F Haanel

More than a book 

When I recommend The Master Key System, I never refer to it as a book (although for the purposes of this blog post I have called it a book review!).

‘Book’ suggests it can be picked up, read from start to finish and then put on a shelf with the others in the readers’ collection.

Instead, The Master Key System needs to be studied. It needs to be absorbed, thought about, reflected upon, returned to, re-read and then thought about some more.

I subscribed to have lessons sent directly to me by email, so that I receive regular and timely reminders to return to the material on an almost daily basis.

I teach my students that Readers are Leaders: if you want to achieve any level of success in life then you need to learn from the true leaders who have gone before you. Once you have learned and truly understood their message, then you need to begin to think and act like them.

Don’t just take my word for it

Apparently, upon reading The Master Key System, Bill Gates dropped out of college and utilised the methods outlined in Haanal’s teachings in order to follow his dreams. And we are all aware of what happened next.

Gates could clearly see that the route to success was to take a different approach, and to follow in the footsteps of someone who knew the true secret to success in this world.

Because if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to achieve the same results as you have always had.

Another book I have enjoyed returning to again and again is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. You can read my book review for it here.

Book review: The Master Key System, by Charles F Haanel


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Book review: The Master Key System, by Charles F Haanel

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