An extract from my new book, Money. Mindset. Millionaire.

An extract from my new book, Money. Mindset. Millionaire.

An extract from my new book, Money. Mindset. Millionaire.


Here is the extract:

My interest in money has been a constant throughout my life. As a teenager, whilst my friends enjoyed their spare time and school holidays, I regularly worked 15-hour a day; travelling by bicycle from a full shift at a nearby garden centre to a hotel where I washed pots and dishes in the evening until gone midnight.

On the surface, the drive was money. But underneath there was a desire for freedom, and so much more.

And so as soon as I was able, I secured a full-time position working on a piece-rate system laying tarmac sealant in various locations across the UK. Although I loved my work – by the time I was 23 it had afforded me the opportunity to buy a Porchse 911 outright, as well as purchasing my own home – I yearned for something different.

It was during this time that I had a life-changing opportunity to widen my perspective into the world of entrepreneurship and financial freedom, when I was approached in the street by an anonymous stranger who handed me an envelope with some self-development tapes inside. I listened, studied, applied the theory, and never looked back.

An extract from my new book, Money. Mindset. Millionaire.

As I write in 2016, and after a long career in online marketing, I feel that I am now in a position where I can safely share with the world my ideas about what it takes to become a millionaire. I am a millionaire and I have helped others along the way.

Within the pages that follow, I share what I believe to be the characteristics of life’s ‘winners’ – those things that successful people have in common. In addition, I am delighted and excited to be sharing some new and pioneering research into the science of habit formation for those who are looking to deeply instil those habits of successful people. l take a look at the history of money, and its place in our world as a transfer of energy: not a new concept but perhaps a new concept to some. Moreover, as I become less ‘materialistic’ and more spiritual on my personal development journey, I will seek to challenge you on why you wish to bring more money into your life.

I have written this book because I have a deep and genuine ‘problem’ with poverty. There isn’t a lack of money in this world, and I am living testament to the fact that with the right mindset and the right amount of dedication, everyone has the opportunity to change their lives.

My hope for this book is to share what I have learned along the way. To help people lift themselves out of the 9-5 drudgery; if that’s what they want of course. This book will show you what it takes to become whatever you want to become, be that in MINDSET, MONEY or MILLIONAIRE.

An extract from my new book, Money. Mindset. Millionaire.

I have so many ideas for books! The next one after Money. Mindset. Millionaire will focus on internet marketing, and the one after that about Positive Addictions. Taking the time out to write is crucial, and to begin my latest book I spent time away from my day to day life to get really focused. To read my recent post about this experience, visit: Writing retreat at Peckforton Castle
And as always…
Keep being AWESOME, 
Simon Stepsys 


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An extract from my new book, Money. Mindset. Millionaire.

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