6 ways to a positive life, INSTANTLY

6 ways to a positive life instantly

Want to know how you can live a more positive life, but don’t have hours and hours to spare reading long self help books? Take a look at these quick actions you can take immediately that will allow you to live a more positive life, instantly.

Practice gratitude. The fast track way to a positive life is to learn to be grateful for everything you have. And let’s face it, we all have a lot. In fact, we live like kings and queens of days gone by, if not better. Be grateful for your hot water, central heating, your ability to read this blog post as a result of an incredible education, that you can reach out for a drink or something to eat without difficultly. Even some of the most poor and deprived people within our society have an incredible amount to feel grateful for and as soon as we start to recognise what is good, we notice more of what is good. And guess what? That makes us feel GREAT!

Make a choice to be happy. Do you want to be happy or does your ego get a sense of identity or gratification from the negativity in your life? People can be addicted to negativity, to illness – because it gives them a sense of identity, a place in the world. They get attention and sympathy. What would it be like to let go of the negativity and embrace a different way? What if you could get addicted to positivity instead? Make a choice to be happy and watch your life transform instantly.

Meditate on your breath. Take a moment to take a deep, conscious breath. Focus on the rise and fall of your abdomen, the air going into your nostrils. Repeat it just a couple of times and now reflect: whilst you were focused on the breath, what were you thinking? The likelihood is that you weren’t thinking about much, because it is almost impossible to be mindful and conscious of your breath whilst thinking at the same time. The implication of this is that once you notice yourself engaging in negative thoughts, you can give yourself a moment to take a few conscious breaths and put some space between yourself and your thinking.

6 ways to a positive life, INSTANTLY

Give compliments. Say something nice to the next person you see. It doesn’t matter who it is… just notice something nice or positive about them and then take the opportunity to share that with them. Watch their demeanour change. And crucially, watch your own change also!

Help someone. Contribution, or making a difference, is one of our fundamental human needs and nothing feels better than giving someone a lift or a hand. Next time someone asks you for help, give it freely and willingly and watch what happens as a result. I love helping people and putting smiles on people’s faces, it is an essential part of my life and something I take huge pride in.

Surround yourself with the winners in life. Get around positive people and energy. If you want to transform your world and get a positive life, instantly, then you need to hang around in the places where positive people are. Notice who in your life your energy dips around and spend less time in their presence. You don’t need to be cold or critical, you don’t even need to explain yourself, just make a conscious choice to spend less time with that energy and see out the positive. If you hang around positive people, that energy will rub off on you. Get to the next MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) event and you’ll feel a phenomenal energy in the room as people all on the same wavelength, all working for the benefit of one another, bring their positive energy together to change lives.

6 ways to a positive life, INSTANTLY

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6 ways to a positive life, INSTANTLY

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