Simon Stepsys WITHDRAWS $181,190 (£107,302.65) in ONE MONTH!

Simon Stepsys WITHDRAWS $181,190 (£107,302.65) in ONE MONTH!

Make Money MyAdvertisingPays

Simon Stepsys WITHDRAWS $181,190 (£107,302.65) in ONE MONTH with My Advertising Pays!

Simon Stepsys Withdraws $181,190 in One Month with My Advertising Pays

(results not typical)

Make it happen!

Join Simon Stepsys My Advertising Pays Maps Success Team here…

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JOIN Simon Stepsys Success Team HERE! 

Click SIGN UP near the top of the page, be sure SIMON STEPSYS is your sponsor as you cannot change later!

Add me on Facebook and send me a message and I will send you over $2,000 worth of FREE Bonuses!

I recommend you start with at least 20 Credit Packs. If I was starting today I would purchase the MAXIMUM allowed which is 1200!

If you need to learn how maps works then please be sure to watch my awesome team member Steve Dawson’s Step by Step Video’s here… 

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter on this page for daily updates & look out for a welcome email from my PA once your on my MAPS team!

Dream BIG!

Anything I can do for you hit me up ANYTIME!

I’m here to help you every step of the way









All the very Best

Your friend & mentor

Simon Stepsys MyAdvertisingPays Top Earner










Simon Stepsys 

Questions or Comments please leave below.

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My Advertising Pays Facts Figures Photo’s and Updates

My Advertising Pays Facts Figures Photo’s and Updates

Make Money MyAdvertisingPays Traffic

My Advertising Pays Facts Figures Photo’s and Updates

Below is a list of my personal front line members who have reached the ELITE Level and purchased at least 100 credit packs with the amount of credit packs they have as on the 28.7.14 

The Yellows are ALL 1200 Credit Pack Owners or DIAMOND Level.

Below are also some screen shots of my earnings WITHDRAWALS and also Richard Mead has made up some excellent MyAdvertisingPays Pull  up Banners for events/trade shows, stands etc. I just bought one from him & they look outstanding. High Quality.

Richard recently did a trade show stand and came away with a list of over 300 hot leads with emails & phone numbers!

Are you ready to MAKE MONEY within the HOUR then every 20 minutes?


Ready to join maps then join my success team here…

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Please ask any questions and leave me a comment below.

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Simon Stepsys

My Advertising Pays Facts Figures By Maps Top Earner Simon Stepsys 10548188_609534885831370_2596344057766456215_o 10494483_609681915816667_5771231017233766121_o Image 3 10459100_603804303071095_1065964724747191978_o 10486656_10152559590887236_1544769020355268013_n 10409409_802792016419157_1769829901861467434_n 10570273_1477428672497171_2081386916513318227_n 10565181_803029099728782_3023873380897692542_n 1937456_10152170731496394_1691992032581417294_n 10559673_1441109529485388_6023067231922368816_n 10552546_606797049438487_7852822441110097312_n 10565077_10152563336407236_4530237711386981177_n 10424978_10152563336457236_6980066337583030162_n 10568774_703093616418515_2126354071_n 10560334_4488493268242_7102937531455092613_o Image Image 1

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OMG! WOW! Simon Stepsys WITHDRAWS $149,490 in 23 DAYS and MyAdvertisingPays Smashes past 50,000 members!

OMG! WOW! Simon Stepsys WITHDRAWS $149,490 in 23 DAYS and MyAdvertisingPays Smashes past 50,000 members!

Make Money MyAdvertisingPays

OMG! WOW! MyAdvertisingPays Smashes past 50,000 members!


Simon Stepsys Withdraws $149,490 in 23 DAYS! (results not typical)













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I look forward to working with you

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Simon Stepsys MyAdvertisingPays Top Earner










Simon Stepsys

Any questions please leave me a comment below. Now lets make some MONEY!

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Power cut!


Power cut today so had to CANCLE My maps training webinar.
 Here’s the MONEY I woke up to today!

I’m also testing this blog press app from my iPhone.
 In fact I’m writing this now through the app on my iPhone.
 MyAdvertisingPays still makes is all MONEY though!
 Moving on…
 I just bought a new ROLEX Deepsea About a month ago.
 Now I’m in the market for a GOLD ROLEX!

Spoilt for choice?
 Rose gold or yellow gold?
 Which one though?
 Please leave me a comment below
 Keep being awesome!
 - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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MyAdvertisingPays 7th Month in update Facts and Figures

MyAdvertisingPays 7th Month in update Facts and Figures

Make Money MyAdvertisingPays Traffic

MyAdvertisingPays 7th Month in update Facts and Figures

MyAdvertisingPays 7th Month In update











This screen shot was taken with still about 6 hours left so the sales SMASHED $3 MILLION! Of which 10% is commissions.

My results are NOT typical because I am not a typical person!

My Actual combined EARNINGS for the past ONE MONTH = $82,836 (£48,531.41) which = $20,615 (£12,077.78) WEEKLY Income!

That = $2,958.42 (£1,733.23) DAILY. So just shy of $3,000 EVERY day 7 days per week. The INTERNET NEVER SLEEPS! 

I have also WITHDRAWN a STAGGERING  $139,590 (£81,788.86) in the first 17 days of July. Which = $8,211.17 (£4,811.17) DAILY. 

MyAdvertisingPays 7th Month in update Facts and Figures

The fact is Im not the only one making MONEY with MyAdvertisingPays! EVERY ONE of my team members is also making MONEY. My Advertising Pays is a CASH COW GOLDMINE!

I have built not one but TWO sites so you can see what others have to say.

Take a look at my Video link at the top of my blog here to see videos or real people (newbies) who are now making MORE than the GURU’S!

Also take a look at… 

Click, videos & photo’s.


I now have over 100 first level team members with at least 100 Credit Packs each.

I have at least a DOZEN of my MAP team members on 1200 Credit Packs. With many more on the way. My Goal is to have 100 of my front level members with 1200 Credit Packs each in 2014.

The company have just SMASHED 45,000 members worldwide & will hit 100,000+ before the end of 2014!

In 2015 I believe MyAdvertisingPays will hit 250,000+ members.

I also believe that MyAdvertisingPays will create more MILLIONAIRES than ANY other direct sales company.

Best thing is we are only just getting started! The majority of my personal sales were created without ANY Credit Or Debit Card purchasing.

Fact is Credit & Debit Card purchasing is now onboard, making it INSTANT for new members to start making MONEY WITHIN THE HOUR THEN EVERY 20 MINUTES! 


MyAdvertisingPays Review










The results from the products the traffic is simply staggering, you can join my facebook group which as I write this post has over 13,500+ members!

Type Simon Stepsys MyAdvertisingPays into Facebook search & you can join our group for FREE! Or just click here.

MyAdvertisingPays 7th Month in update Facts and Figures


MyAdvertisingPays 7th Month in update Facts and Figures

I am now taking on 30 NEW Students this month to get on my personal team JOIN My Success Team here now…

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Once your a member join My Advertising Pays Facebook Group & send me a Private Message that you want me to MENTOR you. (normally 75K a YEAR, however NO COST to my DIRECT frontline team members)



You should then follow the step by step videos here…  (Step by Step Videos which explain everything in detail) 

Be SURE SIMON STEPSYS is your sponsor.

I look forward to working with you

Keep being awesome

Be the best

Your friend & MENTOR

Simon Stepsys MyAdvertisingPays Top Earner



Simon Stepsys

Please share the love, leave me a comment, ANY questions or ANYTHING I can do for you then please leave me a message below. MyAdvertisingPays 7th Month in update Facts and Figures


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My Advertising Pays Scam Review

My Advertising Pays Scam Review

Make Money MyAdvertisingPays Traffic

My Advertising Pays Scam Review

My Advertising Pays SimonStepsys


Profit Like Google & Facebook, here’s now (Seriously)

Get paid for clicking a mouse, right?

You might be thinking MyAdvertisingPays sounds
to good to be true maybe even a SCAM?

Well my answer is simple, you heard of Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube?

They all make there money (Billions with a B per year) from online

Now think about this, who promoted these companies?

Answer YOU & I.


And guess who got rich?

They did!

Now Imagine if there was a company similar set up that PAID you
& I to click on there site?

Any guess who makes the money?

YOU do

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well it is.

MyAdvertisingPays is that company & its set
to revolutionise the way people make money online.

You join, (no cost)

Purchase credit packs (purchase at least 20 for a modest start)

Click 10 ads (5 minutes)

Get PAID (within the HOUR)


Up to 72 times daily!

It’s simple, easy & fast.

IN Short…

“It’s Impossible NOT To Make Money”

If you are reading this then you WILL make money

My Advertising Pays Scam Review

MyAdvertisingPays SimonStepsys

Sign UP

With over 17 years online marketing experience I can

tell you what really makes money online & what does not.

I get pitched on multiple opportunities each & everyday
I do look at each one & have a check list that each opportunity
has to pass.

99% of them fail, however every now & then a gem comes through
that I can’t ignore.

This one came through recently, & having spoke to the company
owner (many times), checking my check list, this one came through with
flying colours.

It’s called My Advertising Pays (MAPS for short)

My Advertising Pays Scam Review

Here’s a few reasons

1. Every Single person Makes Money, in fact its impossible NOT to
make money. This equates to Zero Churn, as who’s going to quit when
their making money. With other businesses generally over 90% quit.

2. You do have do something each day, click and view just 10 ads per day
(Seriously this takes around 2 minutes a day) You can also buy holiday periods
so if for any reason you can’t view the ads you will still earn daily profit shares.

3. Massive expanding market place online advertising is a multi-billion
a year industry that is insatiable.

4. Unlimited earnings potential (I have already created a plan to make
a million dollar a year business, I have already done this before & Maps
is better & I’m ahead of schedule)

5. Long term sustainable growth with the ultimate consumable product (traffic)

6. Top US Attorney on board

7. Fast Daily Payouts and in house ewallet pay system

8. Great support System (support system in place for US, UK & Australia, the World)

9. Top Worldwide Leaders are onboard already ready to capitalise on this
huge expanding market (me included)

10. Its free to join, wow, this makes this a total no brainer.

11. No sponsoring required to earn daily profit shares. Not everyone can sponsor, this
means that those that can or don’t want to sponsor can make daily profit shares.

12. You get real highly targeted traffic to your website. (Majority of members are PAID members
that are proven to buy over & over again)

13. Fast set up.

14. High converting professional lead capture pages that convert like crazy.

15. Back office training system

16. Multiple Ways to earn.

17. Up to 2% earnings per day (compare that with a bank where you get 0.5% a year = no brainer) or the stock market which has averaged 5.5% per year for the past 50 years!

18. If you do team build & sponsor (which I highly recommend then you earn 10% on purchases
& repurchases DAILY for life. (I’ve personally already made over 21,000 AUTOMATED sales in 6 months)

19. You earn & get traffic to your website = no brainer, every business wants more traffic &
when they earn from this traffic, then this makes it another bonus.

20. Repurchase Effect (this is absolutely huge & which makes people truly rich) 200% in approx 60 to 90 days! (variable deepening on global sales which are calculated every 20 minutes & paid out to all members who are active with credit packs) Active means clicked on 10, TEN ads for the day.

21. Not only that if you already have a business like EmpowerNetwork, PureLeverage, PlugInProfit System or ANY HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY then MyAdvertisingPays will help you even more, as you will get highly targeted traffic to your lead
capture pages, building your list, not only that you & your members will also
have the same, plus as your MAPS accounts & earnings grow, you’ll have enough
money to go all in, i.e. works as a great funded proposal.



If you have not done so yet, join here…

MyAdvertisingPays SimonStepsys

Sign UP (no cost)

Be Sure SIMON STEPSYS is your sponsor (I am the MyAdvertisingPays top earner, made over 400K in just over 6 months)

This is MASSIVE Guys

IM me if you are a SERIOUS PLAYER?

I’ll work with you ONE ON ONE & Show you
Step By Step on what it takes to me a

I have also built a team training site to share some facts, figures, training.

My Advertising Pays SimonStepsys



==> <==

Take action now, get first movers reward, I guarantee
that if you can click a mouse then you will make money.


Join now, & get in front of the masses that will be coming
in over the following months.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about this program guaranteed.

This is the MOST exciting badass program I’ve ever seen, ever.

And this is no fly by night company or opportunity, this company
are set up for long term sustainable growth in a Multi Billion a year industry.

This gets my HIGHEST recommendation,

Sign up now

You have everything to gain & nothing to lose (its free to join)

Anything I can help you with then hit me up anytime.

If your a serious player then get in touch with me immediately

This is something you definitely don’t want
to miss out on.

Any questions call/text me on UK 07971 88 55 60 (Im here to help you)

This is the future

Be the best

Keep being awesome

Simon Stepsys MyAdvertisingPays Top Earner

Simon Stepsys
Guru Slayer, Veteran Internet Marketer with over
17 years full time online experience. “7 Figure”
Earner, Success Coach, & Enlightened Entrepreneur

UK 07971 88 55 60 (call me anytime)

Skype Me: mentorofmillionaires (add me as a contact)

Questions? then leave your questions below…

P.P. Optin to my page here to get daily updates…

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It’s simple if you want to make MONEY within the HOUR then every 20 minutes then join NOW! And if you want highly targeted TRAFFIC then JOIN now! MyAdvertisingPays is a 100% total no brainer! Everyone is welcome. Optin above & Watch your email like a hawk for details
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MyAdvertisingPays Maps Review By Top Earner Simon Stepsys

MyAdvertisingPays Maps Review By Top Earner Simon Stepsys

Make Money MyAdvertisingPays

MyAdvertisingPays Maps Review By Top Earner Simon Stepsys

Join My Advertising Pays Success Team here & work direct with the Number ONE Global Earner…

I will show you exactly how to get results like this…

Sign UP





And starting Making MONEY within the HOUR then every 20 Minutes 


Be sure SIMON STEPSYS is your sponsor.

Be the Best!

Your friend & mentor

Simon Stepsys










Simon Stepsys

Please Share the love, leave me a comment. Add me on Facebook & join Simon Stepsys MyAdvertisingPays Success Group with over 13,500 members!

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9 Millionaire Habits

9 Millionaire Habits


Do what the wealthy do, and you will have what they have. Here is what they do:

Simon Stepsys

Simon Stepsys | Empower Network Millionaire

9 Millionaire Habits

1. Develop a “workaholic” attitude. This is the 40+ formula: you work 40 hours a week for survival and everything after that for success–every hour over 40 is an investment in your future (the average millionaire works 59 hours a week). Don’t waste your work time. Make each hour count.

2. Work with a goal in mind. What would you do with your time if you had all the money you wanted? Spend time with family? Do charitable work? Travel the world? Your answer to this question will tell you what you really want to do with your life. Let these life goals drive you to succeed.

3. Do first things first. Make a to-do list. Set priorities on each activity, focus on the highest priority first, and work on it till it is done. Ask yourself “what is the best use of my time right now?” and then do it. This is the habit of high performance.

4. Practice self-discipline. Do what you should do when you should do it even if you don’t feel like it. Delay gratification for long-term benefit–successful people do the things they don’t like to do when failures don’t do them. Remember: work 5 years like other people are afraid to, so you can live the rest of your life like other people only dream of.

5. Develop a long-time perspective. Plan 3~5 years in the future and be calm in short-term fluctuations. Expect ups and downs and be ready for them. Expect a crisis every 2~3 months with problems sprinkled liberally throughout. How do you respond to difficulty? Circumstances don’t make the man–it reveals the man. How you respond to difficulty is the only thing you can control.

6. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning. To earn more you must learn more. Read in your field 30~60 minutes a day, listen to audio programs while driving or doing mindless work, take courses and seminars. My Top 5 recommended reading list…

1. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Get a FREE Copy Here at

2. The Master Key System by Charles Haanel (Get a FREE Copy Here at

3. The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

4. How I Made My First Million On The Internet by Ewen Chia

5. The Unemployed Millionaire By Matt Morris

9 Millionaire Habits

If you own an iPhone like I do then BUY this app on the app store “Self Help Classics” for just $1 (59p) you get an incredible amount of ebooks.  Over 19 life changing masterpieces included. Learn from not just millionaires but Billionaires!

7. Dedicate yourself to serving others. Success is determined by doing more than what is expected–there are never any traffic jams on the extra mile. You are paid in exact proportion to the value you bring to society. If you want to make more money, create more value for the people you serve.

8. Get around the right people. Your network = your net worth. You will tend to be like the people you spend time around. Build a network of quality people–find those you want to be like, get involved, help those people, be a go-giver instead of a go-getter. If you want to soar with the eagles, you can’t hang out with the turkeys!

9. Never consider the possibility of failure. Failure makes you stronger–fear of failure is what will hold you back. Take calculated risks in the direction of your goals. What is the worst that could happen? Make a habit of doing the things you fear. Act boldly, and the fear will leave you. Back everything you do with persistence and determination. Resolve today to never give up. Success is predictable

I hope you enjoyed this post, please be sure to be a resource by sharing the love, Like, leave me a comment that way you’ll get a back link & we will be helping each other out, also share re-tweet this article thank you.

As always dedicated to your success




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